The Bruto Carestiato Refuge - It rises at 1834 m on a panoramic elevation - the Còl dei Pass in the Municipality of Agordo - very close to the base of the southern walls of Moiazza, a sports and alpine climbing gym. It was built after World War II during the mandate of the active president Toni Guadagnini (1914-1934) with a courageous initiative by the Agordina Section of the CAI ; the project was largely supported by the Carestiato family (linked to the Sade company), in memory of the young son Bruto (1921-1943), who fell on the Civetta group while climbing the "Bocia" of Pelsa's Lower Needles . The Còl dei Pass, chosen to build the refuge, at that time could only be reached by the path traveled by the herds of the nearby hut: all the material necessary for the project was then transported on the shoulder with endless theories of volunteers who came up from Passo Duràn; later the collaboration with the Alpini of the Barracks XXII March 1848 of Agordo was also providential, who intervened several times with the donkey department.
Only the truss was prepared by drawing the timber from the adjacent wooded area and made to reach the top of the hill by means of rudimentary cableways: in the same way it was also necessary to provide for the water needs, with the water summarily collected from the upper snowfield. Over the years, the refuge has undergone various technical-structural modernizations for logistical assistance to the numerous hikers coming from the Vazzoler Refuge on Alta Via n.1; i n much greater extent today it is the arrival point for tourists and mountaineers who climb it in 45 minutes from Passo Duràn following the easy forest track. This regulated off-road access to transit was completed in 1978 and subsequently expanded on several occasions through the municipalities of Zoldo Alto (today Val di Zoldo), La Valle Agordina and Agordo: the crossing is unique. of the enormous gravelly flow of the Val di Vie, often a source of interruptions in the cart track. Here the water intake for the aqueduct of the refuge was located, fed by a modern pumping station and an overhead line that has solved the age-old problem linked to an increasing presence of guests and drought summers; the telephone connection had been established some time before (1976). The old structure underwent a radical restructuring in the years 2005-2006 bringing the refuge to a modern and effective functionality through expansion, modernization of the beds, kitchen department and spacious outdoor terrace. These works were started under the presidency of Giorgio Fontanive and completed thanks to the appropriate funding from the Veneto Region together with the funds acquired from the sale - for reasons of force majeure - of the refuge owned by "Cesare Tomè" in Passo Duràn in a scenario of sometimes difficult choices but with results of absolute value for the sectional image and above all for the tourist promotion of the Agordina basin.
"Good refuge" to all welcome guests (G.F.).

Refuge Bruto Carestiato
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